11 Ways Social Media Ruined the Fuck Out of Dating!

11 Ways Social Media Ruined the Fuck Out of Dating!Yeah, social media is awesome. I can see my latest party pics or start a belligerent religious debate with a distant old college friend in the middle of the night. But social media has also opened many doors in the dating world. While it seems as if social media should be helping us get laid and find real relationships, it’s pretty much turned into a colossal mess of random hookups and creepy PMs.

1. Texts Replaces Actual Dates

Back in the date, you asked a girl or guy out and planned a date a few days in advance. There was also a phone at home you used to keep in touch. Now, making plans for dates and setting up meeting places and times seems to be more difficult than ever. Not only is the person you’re trying to date sending texts to 10 other potential partners, but it’s even more impossible to make any real connection with fucking emoticons. Now, getting a number is harder than ever. I mean, just text me!

2. They Know How Creepy You Are Even Before You Meet

What ever happened to first dates being exciting and new? Ever since Facebook plastered itself onto everyone’s most viewed tabs, it’s seriously impossible to go on a first date without at least knowing something about who you’re going to meet. Any one you think you’re going on a date is has already started the process of researching your name. Think you haven’t been Googled? Think again. Be sure to check your Google results before you begin to wonder why no one you’re interested in gives a shit you’ve called them, text them or left them 10 voice mails.

3. Temptation is Always Out There

Using social media is cool to stay in touch with friends, and hey, if you’re lucky, you might even find an old high school flame to hook up with some weekend. Unfortunately, when you really begin dating someone or find yourself in one of those long-term relationships, social media is there to fuck your shit up. Whether it’s those chicks from high school showing up in bikinis on their college spring break or that dude who went from geek to a rich stud, social media always has its fair share of temptation to offer, no matter how solid you think your relationship is with your partner. Finding a medium between using social media and actually enjoying your goddamn life is essential if you ever want dating to work.

4. Managing Plans and Dates

Don’t forget to shut off your GPS location when updating a status, especially if you are trying to juggle more than one date. Social media can get you into plenty of trouble when getting back into the dating world, especially if someone you are dating is more into you than the other way around. Stop updating your status every time your with a girl or guy, or you’re screwing yourself for future potential date opportunities. Instead, stick with sharing pictures of your shitty food.

5. Pictures Say a Thousand Words

Yeah, and many pictures online never depict real life. Never, ever forget this. Especially if you plan on dating online. There’s nothing wrong with online dating, but it’s essential to know what you are getting into before setting up a first date. Having a clear idea of what the person you want to date looks like is a way to steer clear from an awkward date that ends in unanswered calls and email replies. For fuck’s sake, don’t go on a date with anyone who only has photos from the 80’s or refuses to share full-body pictures. Having chemistry with someone you date is essential, even if you’re looking for short-term fun, so doing your research is a must when dating online or when using social media.

6. Getting to Know Someone is a Fucking Joke

Although it’s possible to have video chats with someone you are dating or interested in dating, other methods of getting to know one another can be misleading and seriously disappointing. Whether you are looking for a one-night stand or if you want to find a long-term partner looking for marriage, it’s utterly confusing getting to know someone with social media. After all, social media is used to highlight our best features and the best moments of our lives, so how is getting to know someone possible without meeting in person first?

7. They Know When You Don’t Reply

If you’re sending messages to a potential date or hookup and having an ongoing conversation, it is possible for the recipient to check the date and time of when you have responded to their message. However, it is also important to note that they can also see whether or not you have read any messages they have sent to you, even if you have not responded. Don’t be a fucking dick. Respond or don’t read them at all…wait.

8. Facebook Stalking and Creeping is Real

Facebook stalking and creeping is real and it is a legitimate issue in the dating world. Whether you are a guy or a girl looking to date new people, having all of your dates on your Facebook can lead to awkward encounters and plenty of passive aggressiveness. Oh, Amy, Jessica and Katie all liked your status about how you want someone to cuddle with…even though you have been hooking up with all three of them? Nice. Always be sure to filter your posts or just don’t post stupid shit at all, that’s probably a better solution.

9. You’re Just Another on the List

Even if you head out to a bar or club and meet someone you want to fuck or even date, you’re just another on the list of many. Regardless of whether you’re into chicks or dudes, you can bet if they own a smartphone, they have a few other numbers ready to go to get what they need, when they need it. Of course, this doesn’t hold true to many people, but that’s what makes dating shitty today.

10. There’s No Romance

Even if you’re not a sucker who cares about the romantic aspect of dating, a lot of people do give a shit. And well, there’s no romance in Facebook, Twitter or Grindr dates and hookups. “Oh yeah bby, txt me l8er ur so cute ;)”. Yeah, there may still be occasions where a man asks a woman out randomly at a coffee shop because they crack jokes and hit it off instantly, but let’s be honest, has it happened to you yet?

11. It’s a Competition

Social media has become a competition of showcasing just how wonderful your life is, your relationship with your family, friends and how many parties you attend. All of your accomplishments and the number of babies you keep having are the highlight of most users’ feeds these days, which is another reason why social media has ruined dating in the real world. Today, we’re not only competing for the best brand-name products and the biggest homes with networks like Facebook, but we are also looking to show off our significant other. Finding the right partner with social media can be especially aggravating, especially if you are tired of having an account or if you have deleted yours altogether. Not having accounts on social media may throw others off in the dating world, ruining your chances of landing a date.

Even though social media is ruining the traditional sense of dating in today’s world, it is still possible to find everything from random hookups to actual dates and partners. Using social media wisely can help avoid awkward dates and irritations when you are new to the dating world or if you are looking for a new type of relationship online.

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