8 Pitfalls that Guarantee You Won’t Get Laid After a First Date

8 Pitfalls that Guarantee You Won't Get Laid After a First DateAlright fellas, everyone knows that you put your best foot forward on a date, especially a first date. Either way, your ulterior motives are not so hidden these days. Every girl knows your ultimate goal is to fuck her by the end of the night. What you don’t want to fuck is your chance at that before you even try to make your move- which guys tend to do without realizing it. If you want to improve your chances of getting laid after a first date, educate yourselves on the list that follows (really though…study it, make a drinking game out of it, whatever you need to do…do it):

1. Car or dumpster?

If you’re picking a girl up to take her out on a date, clean your fucking car! If she has to move fast food remnants, crusty napkins/tissues (used for who knows what), and empty bottles off the passenger seat before she can get in the car, you are off to a shitty start. This tells the girl that you are sloppy and dirty. If you don’t think she is instantly afraid that you are the same way sexually, you need to reevaluate. She figures, if you are sloppy in your car, why wouldn’t you be sloppy in bed? If your car is dirty, chances are you and your penis are too. Plus, fast food makes for bitter tasting cum. If it looks as though that is the main component of your diet, the swallowing ship has already sailed.

2. Premature hand holding

If you’re on a first date and you start holding your dates hand in the car right after you pick her up, you are not getting laid tonight. The girl will most likely feel suffocated or down right creeped out. If she keeps texting using both hands, do yourself a favor and take the hint! For that matter, if she is continuously keeping both of her hands occupied (and it does not involve your dick), there is a reason. It is too soon dude. Stop trying to hold her hand!

3. “Selfie nation”

If you try to take a selfie with your date for Instagram or some other social media feed of gossip, you’re not going to be doing any fucking with this girl. A selfie for social media on any date can be questionable, let alone the first date. By trying to post a picture with her, you are automatically indicating that you are overconfident. Who are you to decide that the two of you are already going to be seen together on a large scale? Chances are, this girl won’t be giving your ass a chance at a second date if she feels you are already trying to mark your territory on social media, never mind inside her.

4. Cocky bastard

Confidence is one thing but there is a fine line between a guy being confident and a guy just being cocky. In other words, acting like you’re hot shit on a first date is not going to impress the girl. If you are one of those guys who knows everybody you encounter while on the date, or claims to know everybody, you are not getting laid. Hell, if you know so many people, why would you need your date anyway? If you are making your relationships with other people the center of attention instead of your date, why would she fuck you? Hopefully you know your right or left hand really well because that is what you will be looking to after your date if you want to bust a nut.

5. The masturbation conversation

Do you know how many men ask women if they masturbate on a first date? A lot. Do you know how many men should be asking that question on a first date? NONE. If you are are trying to come off as a very honest and open man, tell the girl your penis size or something. That is, your ACTUAL penis size, and be prepared to prove it later. But whatever you do, do not obligate her to share a personal fact as well. If she wants to, she will offer one in response to yours. If you start giving her a speech on your masturbation habits because you think it’s macho or sexy or you have some other vain reason, you are really only hurting your chances of sex. If your date feels you are very content with just roping one out yourself, she will not feel that it’s necessary to help you out later on!

6. Eating like a bird

For most girls, it is a turn off if a man eats less than her. Not only does it make her feel fat but it also makes you look like a bitch. Sorry guys but it’s the truth! If you are trying to seem manly, don’t throw in the napkin after a few bites. She will feel awkward if she continues to eat while you just sit there and watch. Also, chances are, she wants dessert. Girls love dessert. If you don’t even come close to finishing your dinner, she will feel like she needs to stop eating too and dessert will be out of the question. And no, that does not mean she’s saving room for your cake batter. Shit, if you can’t finish a meal, she might question if you can finish at all!

7. What are you wearing?

A lot of men try way too hard to look hot on a first date. Tight shirts do not create the illusion that you’re jacked. If anything, your date might question if you borrowed the shirt from your little brother or even your younger sister. Another common male fashion failure is tight pants. Yes, women want to see your physique but if your pants are tighter than hers, that’s a problem. Plus, your date will probably be able to size up your penis before you even have the chance to put it between her legs. Popped collars, obnoxious belt buckles, overly pointed boots, and tacky jewelry are also great ways to not get laid. Your date may want to rip your clothes off of you but not for good reasons.

8. Put your phone away

If you are on your cell phone through most of the date, she is going to feel like you’re not very interested in her. If you’re texting other girls and think it will make her try harder because she has competition, think again. Most girls have other guys waiting in the wings. They are not going to go out of their way to go on a second date with you. If you aren’t texting but are still on your phone, she is just going to think you’re weird. What is so interesting on your phone that you can’t put it away while you’re on a date? Hopefully you have some good porn on there because you’ll be needing it when you get home.

At the end of the day, don’t be that fucking guy! You will not get laid after a first date and you probably won’t even get a second date. Finally, if she is 20+ years old and still a virgin, you just wasted your time reading this list. There is no chance in hell she’s going to give it up after a first date no matter what you do or don’t do.

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One thought on “8 Pitfalls that Guarantee You Won’t Get Laid After a First Date

  1. Very good advice above. I’m a very experienced man and good with the ladies. Stopped counting years ago. I’m not jacked or wealthy in fact im balding and slightly over wieght! I consider no woman outside of my league.. Here are the keys. One, women are not as “visual” as men. Meaning don’t try and look like the GQ model you’re not or prettier than she is! That’s not to say you shouldn’t take the time to dress nicely.. You most certainly should. She WILL notice your shoes and watch.. Have class. Preselected music line up before she gets in car.. Have first track started so as not to be obvious and keep it classy and NOT mushy. And not the shit you and your buddies like to listen to.. Two, ask questions about her and her interests.. Let her do the talking. Do not try and impress her with your life story, conquers and contacts. Be a mystery and BE modest. Your confidence should come threw your eye contact, body language and speech. Three.. There are three kind of girls and you should with little brain power be able to tell which you are going out with before hand. The three types are “Newly freed party girl”, “acquaintance girl” and “Smart serious girl” based on which you are going out with should tell you what the proper wait time is before moving in for the prize. But after all of this the most important thing to know is that a woman will go after what she wants! Always! Do not call or text obsessively etc.. Be cool, calm and act like you’ve Been here befor… Without proclaiming it! Your goal is to simply get into the situation in the right place to appropriately make a move. She’ll send the signals you need if she’s interested!

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