God Fearing Douchebag!

y hvnt u messaged me. You think ur too good for me? Ive seduced lesbians hotter than you. Im the type of man women dream about. Ur not even that hot. U shld be greatful I even stooped too write this to u

Dear heavenly blessed beauty, I have been thinking about you speechless and in awe. That deep gaze in ur eyes, ur perfect smile, all of ur features just seem to all come together so well, almost angelical in a sense I suppose. The reason I am writing this is to let you know that I think I have found the most beautiful woman to grace us with her presence. As the most beautiful woman, you deserve a man like me. I’m strong, handsome, alpha and god-fearing. No man could ever treat you as well as I could, and I love that God has created one so close in beauty to his image. You don’t need to reply because I know God put you on this Earth for me and no one would dare to go against His plan. Please keep an eye out for me, I’ll be on the chase.

“The Game” by Neil Strauss

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