I Like It Rough

Hey hows it going? My names Max and youre gorgeous! But Im sure you already knew that. And Im sure plenty of guys on here are reminding you. So instead of saying the cliche shit, Ill just hit you with some honesty and see how that works. I’ve pretty much given up on this site, and its very hard to get a response from a pretty girl so I’m going to try something new.

Friends are great, I love friends and making new ones. I dont doubt we could get along you seem like an cool down to earth girl. But to take it a notch further, ideally, I am looking for a pretty open mined girl (like yourself) to get sexual with. But not just any girl and not just normal sex, because I can get that. I want someone open minded or like minded because I’m very dominant in the bedroom and want to find a submissive girl that gets that or is interested. I’m not a perv or anything and have no interest in hurting you or anything gross or fucked up like that. But I like it rough and I’m a bit kinky. Again, I apologize if I am being too forward and if that’s the case you can tell me to fuck off.

Ill add that Im not just looking for casual sex either, and I am not opposed to a relationship. I dont want to fuck a stranger I just want to next person I am with to be on my level sexually. We gotta have fun when we’re young! So I’m putting all my cards on the table in hopes of setting myself aside from the rest of the crowd. This is probably coming off weird, and I probably am a little bit but arent we all under the skin? On the surface Im a totally normal guy, whos friends would be shocked to find out that I was into this.

Either way, you do seem like a really cool girl and I would love to talk to you more if I didnt scare you away.

Thanks for reading

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