11 Ways Social Media Ruined the Fuck Out of Dating!

11 Ways Social Media Ruined the Fuck Out of Dating!Yeah, social media is awesome. I can see my latest party pics or start a belligerent religious debate with a distant old college friend in the middle of the night. But social media has also opened many doors in the dating world. While it seems as if social media should be helping us get laid and find real relationships, it’s pretty much turned into a colossal mess of random hookups and creepy PMs.
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9 Reasons why Women Love Jerks and a Man Should Act Like One

9 Reasons why Women Love Jerks and a Man Should Act Like OneWhen in the dating world, what women want, and what they go after, are two different things. In fact, if you ever read Cosmopolitan or other magazines, you will notice quickly that women do not truly know what they want or what is good for them. While women think they want a Poindexter with a nice income and big house, this is only true once they start getting crow’s feet and want to get married. However, without a doubt, women in their 20’s almost always prefer the bad boy. With that being said, here are nine benefits of being an asshole to women.
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The Top 10 Gold Diggers of All-Time!

The Top 10 Gold Diggers of All-Time!For those of you who don’t get out much, a gold digger is a person who enters a relationship with someone with the intent of improving their own financial standing. To finally end the debate of who’s the greatest gold digger, we’re counting down the top ten. These women (and man) defied the odds by sleeping their way to the American Dream (or at least trying).

Without further ado, the Top 10 Gold Diggers of All-Time!
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Use My Mouth As Your Toilet

MMMMMM…what a gorgeous body you have… bet you have guys 247 drooling over you…ever consider adopting a guy as your personal slave before? Personally, I would love to cater to the every whim of a goddess like you…I would wait on you hand and foot in diapers…let you use my mouth as your toilet…and give you a screaming orgasm or ten whenever you feel like it….does that sound good to you?

The Top 17 Advantages of Lasting Longer in Bed with PC Muscle Exercises

Threesome Double Sided Dildo


About a month ago I was in New Mexico and met a really amazing girl out there named Lauren. She’s one of the most brilliant and down to earth girls I’ve ever met in my life. Anyway she’s coming to visit me tomorrow from New Mexico and we’re looking to have a threesome. She’s absolutely gorgeous and this will be her first time doing such a thing.

Would you be interested? We both think you’re incredibly gorgeous and would love for you to join us. First step would be you be talking to both of us and meeting for a drink.

Just let me know and I’ll send you photos of her.

Let me know!


PS – she has a double dildo

The Top 17 Advantages of Lasting Longer in Bed with PC Muscle Exercises

Sexual Relationship

Would you be interested in making $4000 for one night? I’ll be completely honest. I’m only interested in a sexual relationship. I’m married and have two children but I have no interest in them. My wife knows I have outside sexual relationships and no, she doesn’t have any herself. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to be with a man of my social stature and wealth. Don’t miss out.

The Top 17 Advantages of Lasting Longer in Bed with PC Muscle Exercises

I Like It Rough

Hey hows it going? My names Max and youre gorgeous! But Im sure you already knew that. And Im sure plenty of guys on here are reminding you. So instead of saying the cliche shit, Ill just hit you with some honesty and see how that works. I’ve pretty much given up on this site, and its very hard to get a response from a pretty girl so I’m going to try something new.

Friends are great, I love friends and making new ones. I dont doubt we could get along you seem like an cool down to earth girl. But to take it a notch further, ideally, I am looking for a pretty open mined girl (like yourself) to get sexual with. But not just any girl and not just normal sex, because I can get that. I want someone open minded or like minded because I’m very dominant in the bedroom and want to find a submissive girl that gets that or is interested. I’m not a perv or anything and have no interest in hurting you or anything gross or fucked up like that. But I like it rough and I’m a bit kinky. Again, I apologize if I am being too forward and if that’s the case you can tell me to fuck off.

Ill add that Im not just looking for casual sex either, and I am not opposed to a relationship. I dont want to fuck a stranger I just want to next person I am with to be on my level sexually. We gotta have fun when we’re young! So I’m putting all my cards on the table in hopes of setting myself aside from the rest of the crowd. This is probably coming off weird, and I probably am a little bit but arent we all under the skin? On the surface Im a totally normal guy, whos friends would be shocked to find out that I was into this.

Either way, you do seem like a really cool girl and I would love to talk to you more if I didnt scare you away.

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The Top 17 Advantages of Lasting Longer in Bed with PC Muscle Exercises

God Fearing Douchebag!

y hvnt u messaged me. You think ur too good for me? Ive seduced lesbians hotter than you. Im the type of man women dream about. Ur not even that hot. U shld be greatful I even stooped too write this to u

Dear heavenly blessed beauty, I have been thinking about you speechless and in awe. That deep gaze in ur eyes, ur perfect smile, all of ur features just seem to all come together so well, almost angelical in a sense I suppose. The reason I am writing this is to let you know that I think I have found the most beautiful woman to grace us with her presence. As the most beautiful woman, you deserve a man like me. I’m strong, handsome, alpha and god-fearing. No man could ever treat you as well as I could, and I love that God has created one so close in beauty to his image. You don’t need to reply because I know God put you on this Earth for me and no one would dare to go against His plan. Please keep an eye out for me, I’ll be on the chase.

“The Game” by Neil Strauss