The Top 17 Advantages of Lasting Longer in Bed with PC Muscle Exercises


Men around the world are learning that there are countless advantages to using pc muscles to last longer in bed. The benefits can dramatically revolutionize sexual experiences for everyone involved. Here are the top 17 ways that a man’s enjoyment of intimacy can significantly improve by lasting longer in bed through pc muscle exercises.

1. The End of Coming Early

Premature ejaculation finally has a surefire cure. With pc exercises, guys never have to worry again about blowing their load too soon. The ability to temporarily abstain from orgasm during intense moments of intimacy can optimize a man’s sexual performance in the bedroom for a lifetime.

2. Bigger Loads

Lasting longer gives semen a chance to really build up. A bigger ejaculation automatically equals more physical pleasure, but it also provides an opportunity to really decorate your lady. After extensive pc exercises in bed, a man will find it possible to completely drench his lady friend in cum.

3. Increased Accuracy

Having control over when the body is about to unload a jizz bomb can also prevent unwanted misfires. By using pc muscles in bed, men can hone their aim for perfect cum delivery. There will never be another unwanted cream pie or eye glazing. Every drop can be placed exactly where it belongs.

4. Enhanced Engorgement

Become the definition of chiseled by using pc exercises to unlock a thicker shaft and swollen balls. Over time, lasting longer in bed will facilitate ample increases in a cock’s muscularity. Ultimately, this means a sexier profile with the functionality to back it up. Girls will swoon at the extra size that is caused by extended sexual swelling.

5. Reduced Pregnancy Risk

Ladies will be more inclined to go along with the pull-out method if sex is lasting too long; otherwise, they may try to clench down on every last bit of the hard cock they can get. After being fully satisfied, she will be more likely to gratefully (and gracefully) accept an external finish. The lack of kids will make lasting longer more fun in the future, especially because extended bedroom romps will not be in danger of interruption by needy children.

6. Improved Sensation

The extra semen build-up results in a fuller stimulation of penile nerves to generate extreme boosts in the presence of tingling sensations. Flexing pc muscles is even purported to be linked to the spiritual art of Kundalini, which means that men can even meditatively tap into an ecstatic state of infinite virility.

7. Ability to Go Faster

When a guy no longer has to resist an early finish, he can really start to accelerate the motions. The capacity to thrust will naturally be harder and faster. Overall, this means that pc muscle exercises boost sexual stamina to the point that speed variations can be seamlessly integrated. This ability to mix up the tempo works wonders in transitioning to kinkier activities and rough fantasies.

8. Stronger Ab Muscles

Pumping away for all those extra hours will inevitably hone a six pack. Learning to last longer in bed with pc muscle exercises generates a prosperous fitness routine in tandem with a good hard fucking. Because of an inherent need for upward thrusts, the cowgirl positions provide a powerful method for really treating the abdominal region to an extensive workout.

9. A More Defined Butt

In a similar sense, vigorous humping through pc exercises also leads to a more aesthetically refined backside. The posterior gets worked out with every motion, so lasting longer in bed naturally results in a nicer ass. Girls look for well-defined butts to determine if a man is an avid lovemaker; it’s simply the unspoken truth that firmly perky cheeks get game.

10. Earn a Positive Reputation

Impressed ladies have a tendency to talk, and they will divulge all of the gritty details pertaining to the men they bed. Premature ejaculation is one of the major complaints that women levy against the opposite gender, so they will feel downright spoiled when they find a guy that can last as long as they need. Since they cannot keep either pair of their lips sealed, word will spread among the girls like wildfire. Soon, horny babes will be arriving at your door begging for your endowment.

11. Having a Tired Partner the Next Day

By wearing his lady out with a rigorous fucking, a man can rest assured that the following day will be peaceful. When there is no doubt that she has been fully satisfied, all nagging concerns will fade away into the bliss of orgasmic union. Guys that know the secret of pc muscle exercises gain massive amounts of freedom in exchange for their ability to give a thorough dicking.

12. She Squeezes Tighter to Compensate

Making a virile guy blow his load is a challenge that most girls will put every effort into fulfilling. Ladies will respond by clenching their pussies tighter than ever in a passionate attempt to drain every ounce of cum from their man’s balls. By resisting orgasm, a man maximizes his enjoyment of her increasing tightness.

13. Presence of Extra Natural Lubricant

The pc muscles encourage the body to produce additional quantities of lubricating pre-cum. This oozing smegma provides slick moisture for a swifter in-and-out glide. Obviously, this only applies to sex without condoms, but the additional smoothness is definitely present and worth pursuing.

14. Better Masturbation

Solo bedtime fun can be improved by using pc muscle exercises. Orgasm can be postponed indefinitely, which means the self-love never has to end. This can be used to pursue endless gratification and pornography consumption. Masturbation provides an excellent opportunity to master pc muscle exercises without having the pressure of performance. Jerking off also helps with lasting longer too.

15. Gain Confidence

Being equipped with masterful performance skills in the bedroom can lead to overall improvements in a man’s psychological well-being. It is much easier to mentally approach a woman knowing that you aren’t going to let her down later in the bedroom. Using pc muscle exercises lets men enjoy giving pleasure, which garners self-worth and charm.

16. Master Impressive Physical Feats

Lasting longer in bed is just the beginning. Pc muscle exercises can enable a masterful level of control for men. Eventually, one can wag their cock on command. A man can even use his pc muscles to achieve a strong erection without any external stimuli. By just applying his mind, any guy can get literally rock hard. After staying thick for hours, it is possible to shoot cum an incredibly far distance. The practical uses of this last practice are questionable, but hitting the ceiling through the sheer force of ejaculation should constitute some form of bragging rights.

17. Enjoy Multiple Orgasms

One of the physical feats that accompanies extensive pc muscle exercises is the capacity to defy the godforsaken refractory period. Despite the conventional wisdom that declares multiple orgasms impossible for males, it is possible to achieve several spurts of glory in one go by using these techniques.

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