When Girls Have Daddy Issues: A Man’s Guide

Pseudo-incest has become a real hit with a certain type of woman. For seemingly inexplicable reasons, a generalized obsession with father figures is pervasive among grown ladies. While this quirk may seem harmlessly kinky, it actually can foretell endless dangerous situations. This overview explores the root causes of daddy issues to provide men with a tactful approach to the issue.

What Are Daddy Issues?

Many girls grow up being spoiled like princesses by their dads. This affectionately royal treatment has daughters romanticizing their fathers at a young age. The little girls develop a competitive relationship with their mothers for dad’s attention. Sadly, this Electra Complex can remain unresolved well into adulthood.

The excessive fatherly attention can suddenly seem to evaporate around adolescence. This is around the stage little girls conflate affection with sexuality, so dads often back off to avoid kindling romantic associations. Unfortunately, this paternal withdrawal only creates more yearning at a time when hormones are unleashing mass confusion. Thus, teenage girls can quickly go from wanting a daddy to wanting the dad D.

Often times, they turn slutty to get the ire of their fathers, because any attention is good attention. They lure boys home to face his wrath. This is where you come in. She can easily get turned on by the power dynamics, which means your demise is merely arousal to her.

Daddy Issue Indications

There are countless tell-tale signs that show a bitch has daddy issues. Tattoos are often the first giveaway, especially if the girl was young enough to need parental permission at the time of inking. Any girl that has immortalized her father in the flesh is definitely committed to her daddy first and foremost. It is even worse if the tattoo is in a lewd area.

Speaking of which, provocative clothing around the family reveals an unwelcome proclivity to tease her dad. This is unacceptable even if the eroticism is non-consensual. At the bottom line, it means he coddled his daughter until she became solely fixated on him.

Ultimately, daddy issues are most likely to occur through role playing during sex sessions. This automatically invokes a submissive element to her actions, which makes the man take total dominance. If she starts referring to her partner by fatherly terms, it means he was her first sensual infatuation. Assuming the role of her dad automatically projects all the baggage of their relationship upon you, which spells problems if there is any history of abuse.

How to Handle Daddy Issues

The key to addressing daddy issues is complex, but open conversations are crucial to bridging the gap. If direct communication is not possible, it is wise to seek an objective third party. Marriage counselors live for this kind of drama.

In contrast to conventional wisdom, do not just break it off right away. Some sluts can manage to relegate daddy desires to that of a harmless fetish, but these girls are rare. Other ladies can heal from the trauma if given the chance to enter a caring partnership. With devoted passion, it is possible to psychologically dispel previous notions of romance. Deciding if this is worth the investment specifically depends on the individual lass. Still many times, the relationship cannot be salvaged. If the daddy obsession is too extreme for your tastes, then run fast!

Dads can pose a serious physical threat. Their overprotective nature can get a naive man killed. Make sure this is an altercation you can handle, and don’t enter his territory unarmed. Furthermore, the partner of a daddy’s girl may be expected to demonstrate the same overbearing possessiveness to prove their love. Here is one saving grace: The act of successfully defending her against her father can permanently sever the source of perverted desires. A violent victory against the dad is never the desired outcome, but it can switch her brain’s association for safety to favor you over her real father.

Overall, if you have kinky fantasies of being in a faux father/daughter relationship, a princess with daddy issues is the perfect match. Just be prepared to act as an emotional caretaker at all times, and enjoy the taboo roller-coaster.

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  1. Sorry, but.. this is the worst article I have ever read. Extremely naive and misogynistic. It baffles me that someone who possesses a flare for writing and obviously has an extensive vocabulary, couldn’t find any non-offensive descriptive synonyms for the word ‘woman’ in place of ‘bitch’ or ‘slut’… Not too sure why that was necessary and don’t know what point it really proved apart from making yourself sound like a male-chauvinistic twat. I’m guessing you either have mummy issues or you’ve been hurt by a woman who’s had daddy issues and you weren’t man enough to actually know how to handle it yourself so you wrote a piece of shit article for your own self-justification. Clap, clap, man. Feel better now?

  2. I’ve never seen so much ignorance in one article. I agree with the above comment, you seem to be the one with the issues here. Not every woman is a bitch and girls aren’t slutty, some are promiscuous.

  3. I can’t stop laughing at this article, like this is the most I’ve laughed all year ive been laughing a minute straight.. does this mean I’m sexist?

  4. Dated a girl with these issues. Most of this article is exactly what happened. Although, I would not recommend dating this type of woman they are sick children.

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